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May 29, 2014

It's about time that your playthings got an overhaul, don't you think? The most basic and well-known sex toy out there is the vibrator, but they have come quite a long way from the simple two-speeder that you've had hidden in your sock drawer for decades now. This handy little sex toy can be as large or as small as you like and as gentle or as powerful as you can handle. And, boys, this is no longer just a “girl thing.” Vibes come in so many different variations that you can find the perfect one that fits your needs and your body just right.

Perhaps you want something that will take care of you internally? Most women find immense pleasure in the use of a vibrating dildo. It is shaped to fit inside the vagina comfortably, but also, it can be used for external stimulation if desired. But what if that's not enough? Maybe you're the kind of person who needs that extra bit of sensation. Rabbit-style toys are all the rage now – thanks to Sex and the City – and for good reason. The ability to achieve simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation is something that our foremothers probably never dreamed of. But the feeling is real and you can have it if you want to.

Now, if you're looking for something that might go just a little deeper, look no further than a G-spot stimulator. If you've never had a squirting orgasm before, now is your chance. Any woman can do it; it's just a matter of time, patience, and finding the toy that will work best for you. Just be sure to clean up if you make a mess!

There are also toys out there on the market to aid in male masturbation as well. Vibrating butt plugs and prostate probes are excellent for both men and women who want to give a little more attention to the backside of things. But there are even more vibrating toys out there for men. Cock rings can be a fun and intense way for couples to prolong their pleasure and ride out some groovy waves. Even alone, a vibrating cock ring can be just the thing to make a man shiver with joy.

What else is there that can put a spring in your step or a buzz along your body? Ever tried a vibrating glove to give your partner an extra special massage? Or maybe a pair of nipple clamps that just don't want to stay still? Whatever toy you try, you are sure to find a new and intense way to pleasure yourself or your partner (or both of you at the same time!) in an exciting way. Just be aware of overuse: if you start to feel any numbness, give it a rest and try again a little later. Also, don't forget to be sure that you, your partner, or the both of you are properly lubed up. You'll definitely want to have a little friction to get yourself going.

So don't think that you've seen it all just yet. There is a whole world of buzzing sensations that are sure to do the job when you need to spice up your bedroom fun.

Beginner Sex Toys Are Hotter Than Ever!
February 08, 2014

These days, sex toys are everywhere. They’re enjoyed by people of all races, classes, and orientations. Technology has inspired new designs, new functions, and toys made of new materials. It’s almost more than a novice can digest. That’s why beginner sex toys are so popular and so effective. They eliminate the perceived drawbacks of adult novelties while providing all the benefits!

Chains Of Love Bondage KitChains Of Love Bondage Kit

Beginner sex toys are a great way to introduce sex toys into your relationship. A lot of individuals and couples are nervous about trying sex toys, and that’s reasonable. Some of them are ... big, very very big. And today’s technology has become so advanced that even trying to select one from the plethora of vibrating sex toys could be enough to scare anyone off. But beginner’s toys aren’t as complex--they’re a bit more basic. They come in a variety of sizes and with variable power settings to please even the most sensitive user. Classics like the vibrating cock ring, the wand massager, pocket pussies, dildos, butt plugs, ben wa balls, and others are easy to use and are effective pleasure devices that are perfect for the uninitiated. Becoming familiar with them can become an act of intimacy in and of itself, and with beginner sex toys, that act is easy, fun, and fulfilling.

Sex toys are a great form of safe sex! The materials used to make today’s sex toys are easy to keep clean. They are also amazingly realistic and technologically advanced, which make them excellent alternatives to riskier forms of sexual release. Because sex toys can gratify a lone user, they can replace casual sex, which can be terribly dangerous in terms of one’s health and also one’s physical safety. Forget the stigma of previous generations--sex toys are now endorsed and recommended by psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, councilors, and other respected professionals.

Xtreme KitXtreme Kit

Beginner sex toys are generally more affordable than more advanced sex toys. Some of the basic sex toys are available for only $4.99! A variety of powerful and reliable beginner sex toys, including tongue teasers, waterproof finger-mounted models, vibrating bullets, rock-in waterproof massagers, probes, and various others can be had for less than $10 on any number of reliable, discreet, and easy-to-use websites.

Beginner sex toys are great for anyone, including those that are straight, bi, gay, and others. Prostate massagers, vibrating cock rings, and butt plugs are great for men and for the men and women who love them! Ben wa balls, blindfolds, velcro shackles, and plastic paddles are enjoyed by sex toy novices of every orientation and are ideal for use in pairs or groups.

H2h Cock Ring Double Metal MetalH2h Cock Ring Double Metal Metal

Beginner sex toys are ideal for use by both sexes. And when alone, both genders can enjoy any of the many affordable and reliable butt plugs, anal massagers, vibrators, lotions, and creams. There are wide ranges of products made specifically for men and for women, including masturbators of different gender-specific designs. Men can also enjoy prostate massagers and cock rings, while women may indulge in bullet vibrators designed especially for them. And of course, both men and women can enjoy being on either end of a sensual paddle or fur-lined pair of handcuffs.

All of the last generation’s preconceptions about sex toys are being eradicated by modern technology and expanding social mores. Instead of being associated with deviant practices, sex toys are now associated with good sexual health and are believed to promote safe sex and healthy social relationships. Instead of being expensive, they’re amazingly affordable. Instead of being used by isolated individuals, they’re now becoming a favored social practice, bringing people together and keeping them together. Instead of being for lone straight males, sex toys are for everyone, up and down the sexual and social spectrum. Everybody can enjoy today’s sex toys, and it’s never been easier, safer, or more respectable for beginners to take part in this golden age of adult novelties.
12 Sexy Days of Christmas Gift List from Discreet-Romance.com
December 07, 2013

T’is the season to be jolly, because sexy Christmas gifts are more plentiful, powerful and popular than ever! The angels won’t be the only ones singing once you find one of these under your tree, gifts sure to make your yule one you’ll never forget!

To help you fill out your list, you can visit any number of reputable online romantic gift sites, such as industry leader Discreet-Romance.com. And to help you remember, we’ve put together this fabulous 12 Sexy Days of Christmas Gift List so you’re sure to bring home the best, and get the best the season truly has to offer!

Body Painting ChocolateBody Painting Chocolate

On the First Sexy Day of Christmas, give your partner a treat that’s sure to kick off the holidays with a sweet start! Body painting chocolate is the newest way to satisfy that craving for something decadent, rich and creamy. A hint of vanilla and a touch of cubism -- you don’t have to be gifted to enjoy this sexy Christmas gift, just ready for some playful moments in the art of lovemaking. Washes of skin easily with soap and water. Priced from $9.96 - $11.78.
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Aphrodisiac Oil ChocolateAphrodisiac Oil Chocolate

On the Second Sexy Day of Christmas, delight your lover with sweet and delicious Aphrodisiac Oil chocolate. That warming sensation when blown on or licked off is sure to be a highlight of your holiday. Frosty won’t be the only one melting! Edible and safe to use with latex condoms, this romantic gift is a slick move this Christmas! The jeweltone liquid inside these boudoir-worthy glass bottles tastes as good as it looks. You’ll be licking your lips ... for a start. Priced from $12.12 - $14.78.
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Genie in a Bottle M Cup MasturbatorGenie in a Bottle M Cup Masturbator

On the Third Sexy Day of Christmas, the Genie in a Bottle M Cup Male Masturbator will make any man’s wishes cum true! The M-Cup is available in Fire and Ice, Hot Nights, Slip and Slide, Luscious Lips, Magic Carpet Ride and Back to Paradise variations, for whatever mood you’re in! Variety has never been so spicy. This sexy Christmas gift is sure to bring pleasure beyond measure. And it’s an effective method for increasing stamina! Priced from $18.88 - $23.03.
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Funzone Vulcan Love Skin MasturbatorFunzone Vulcan Love Skin Masturbator

On the Fourth Sexy Day of Christmas, step into the fun zone. The Funzone Vulcan Love Skin Masturbators, found at Discreet-Romance.com, comprise a line of waterproof marvels of penetration simulation made of realistic love skin. Different designs include Ripe or Tight or Wet Mouth, Vagina, and Anus. All are travel size -- discreet sex in a can! These are among the hottest -- and coolest -- sexy gifts in Santa’s sack this season! Priced from $16.14 - $19.69.
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Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades of Grey

On the Fifth Sexy Day of Christmas, bring home the classic erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Live the adventure for yourselves with every hair-raising turn of the page, and keep the sexy fun going with the thrilling sequels. More than just a romantic gift, it’s a genuine phenomenon! Priced from $18.86 - $23.01.
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Fifty Shades of Grey Party GameFifty Shades of Grey Party Game

On the Sixth Sexy Day of Christmas, play the new Fifty Shades of Grey party game, Reveal Your Inner Goddess. Bring the adventure to life in your own living room or bedroom with this sexy Christmas gift. You’ll learn more about how others see you, and how you see yourself. Change that, and you change the game forever ... in ways you can only imagine! There are a whole lotta laughs in this racy game, and that’s just the beginning of the fun. Priced from $30.10 - $41.73.
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Amour Be Mine Cuddle Massage KitAmour Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit

On the Seventh Sexy Day of Christmas, snuggle up close with the Amour Be Mine Cuddle Massage Kit. You’ll dream and conspire a whole new fantasy with this array of sexy gifts, including exotic a romantic essence infused with antioxidants and pheromones, and a cozy plush toy whose worth more than just a cuddle! Plus, a waterproof power massager with 4 interchangeable tips, varying settings and silver plating makes this present one she’ll love to unwrap again and again. Priced from $19.67 - $24.00.
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The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics - Mistress KitThe Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics - Mistress Kit

On the Eighth Sexy Day of Christmas, report to your mistress! The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics - Mistress Kit features a feathered tickler, blindfolds and cuffs introduce you both to the world of sensual bondage in a soft and sexy tone that’s perfect for a little festive experimentation. Priced from $27.38 - $37.11.
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The Beginners Bondage Kit The Beginners Bondage Kit

On the Ninth Sexy Day of Christmas, show some restraint! The Beginners Bondage Kit includes satin love mask, leather whip, wrist and ankle restraints, body heat lotion and more! The finest materials ensure a comfortable and safe excursion into your favorite indulgence or your newest interest. There is no sexy Christmas gift that can better tie up your busy schedule, and for (more than) once you’ll be grateful. Santa Claus may not be a reality, but your kinkiest fantasies are about to be! Priced from $43.55 - $59.03.
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The Blue Delilah VibeThe Blue Delilah Vibe

On the Tenth Sexy Day of Christmas, tickle her fancy in more ways than one! The Blue Delilah Vibe is a phthalates-free stocking stuffer that can decorate the mantle or go straight up the chimney! This workshop superstar offers gentle rotation and stronger gyration. And the bullet extension makes this a two-in-one Christmas miracle! Speed control means you can make the holidays last all year long -- the sexy Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Priced from $97.54 - $129.35.
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The Courture Collection Pocket VibratorThe Courture Collection Pocket Vibrator

On the Eleventh Sexy Day of Christmas, the Courture Collection Pocket Vibrator is sure to make anyone’s Jingle Bells rock! Innovation, luxury, power and passion are the hallmarks of the popular and sophisticated waterproof massagers. Sleek and powerful, these wands deliver seven functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. These flexible, pliable, seamless, and unscented wonders are discrete, convenient, safe and pure; the perfect romantic gift for the holidays! Priced from $34.36- $41.92.
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The Acuvibe Vibrator MassagerThe Acuvibe Vibrator Massager

On the Twelfth Sexy Day of Christmas, the Acuvibe Vibrator Massager is more than just a great and sexy Christmas gift, and a great way to shake things up. This revolutionary adult toy focuses one hundred percent of its energy into the tip and shaft, with none wasted or misdirected to tire out your hand. This handheld massager is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy for Santa to deliver all those countless hours of joy to the world! The different settings are vibration-dampened and whisper quiet, so this personal massager can be used anywhere on the body for instant relief. Priced from $54.96 - $70.58.
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Have your sexiest Christmas ever with this fun and easy-to-follow program and reliable resources like Discreet-Romance.com. And at no additional cost you’ll even get an extra present with both your names on it -- a new holiday tradition you’ll enjoy upholding for years to come!
The Myths and Realities of a Most Endearing Sex Toy
October 07, 2013

Dildos and vibrators are part of the long and noble human sexual tradition, and they show no signs of slowing down! But the science and the myth of this fabled phallus have made choosing the right dildo or vibrator tricky. Which design or materials are best for you? Let’s take a fresh look at the world’s most popular sex toy.

The vibrator currently comes in a variety of styles, including:

Realistic: These lifelike dildos tend to be soft, less firm than even jelly dildos. Rigorous cleaning is needed with this very porous material, but they do deliver a realistic and gratifying experience.

Rabbit: Perhaps the most widely known dildo today is the Rabbit, also called Jack Rabbit Vibrators. What makes the Rabbit instantly identifiable is also what makes it so special and so popular. This two-pronged design stimulates the vaginal wall and the clitoris simultaneously. Using a rotating or oscillating shaft and vibrating “bunny ears” to achieve this unique double stimulation, the Rabbit comes in a variety of shapes, materials, colors and design variations. This popular device also comes in a variety of strengths, for the inexperienced and the seasoned sensualist. Jack Rabbit vibrators combine the best of both worlds; vibrators and stimulators.

G-spot vibrators: Available in different materials and various strengths, this vibrator is designed to stimulate the g-spot through direct internal contact.

Clitoral stimulators:
Clitoral stimulators include; the teaser, the hummer, the exciter, the pump, the scoop, the oral sex simulator and many others. Butterfly vibrators are worn like panties. These products are generally designed for external stimulation only.

The Bullet: Bullets are popular for use alone or as a couples toy, with one partner holding the bullet and another works the controls. Also popular as the slightly larger Egg.

Vibrators off all the various styles come in an array of materials, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Hard plastic / acrylic: Hard, inflexible and non-porous, a dildo or vibrator made out of these types of material is a quick and easy tool when you don’t want a lot of hassle or cleanup.

Glass: Colorful blown glass and artful design make them look more like works of art. They’re safe to use and easy to clean. They’re non-porous to encourage hygiene. They can be heated or frozen to produce different effects during foreplay or penetration. They often cost a bit more, but they are built to last.

7th Heaven Platinum Beaded Rabbit Pearl

Silicone: These expensive models are often among the highest quality. They have a very realistic feel and retain body heat for added pleasure and realism. They are non-porous and hypoallergenic and are dishwasher safe.

Jelly: This affordable material is popularly used in making dildos. The extreme flexibility lends a unique sense of comfort. But they are extremely porous and must be cleaned thoroughly and consistently. Condom use is sometimes suggested with dildos of this sort.

Latex: Softer than silicone, but less expensive. Latex is also porous, and some women have proven to have allergic reactions.

Cyberskin: Usually a combination of silicone and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), this is a very effective simulation of the real deal. But extra care is required, as this material is very porous. As with other silicone-based products, only use a water-based lubricant.

Let’s take a brief at what led the vibrator to its place at the top of the sex toy chain. The world’s first dildo is believed to date back to 26,000 BCE, was eleven inches long and made of siltstone. Steam-powered “manipulators” appeared in the 1700s. Dildos have chained with every major technological shift, especially in the last fifty years, when the industrial revolution produced new and cheaper plastics. Today, dildos remain more popular than ever: roughly 36% of the sex toy industry’s $15 billion haul comes from sales of dildos and vibrators.

Along with all that history, inevitably, comes some myth; and the case of the dildo is no exception. Here are just a few unfortunate and unfounded concerns about vibrator use:

Will a vibrator make achieving orgasm through natural intercourse impossible? There is no evidence that using a vibrator will somehow spoil a woman for regular sex or render her clitoris unresponsive. Occupational safety studies, which investigate the impact on tissues of holding a vibrating tool for various lengths of time, prove it. After 30 minutes, the maximum recommended usage time of the average vibrator, no damage had been reported.

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Aurora Kit

Another myth is that vibrator use is so effective that many women simply lose interest in men entirely. No. Men are valuable to women and attractive to them for reasons beyond their penises. No mere toy can truly replace human companionship for those who crave it.

Many associate dildo and vibrator use with people who are lonely or social outcasts. But over 50% of American women have used them, and married women are more likely to use them (roughly 50%) than single women (roughly 28%).

Always wash your vibrator with warm water and gentle liquid soap. Spray with a specialized anti-bacterial toy cleaner, making sure to get into the tiny crevices and parts of the toy your water washing may have missed. Always make sure to completely dry your dildo before putting it way to prevent mold or mildew. If you use a dildo made out of a porous material like Cyberskin, take extra care and diligence to wash it thoroughly, and then sprinkle a little cornstarch to keep it from getting sticky. If you use a silicon-type product, never use silicon-based lubricant, as it can break down the silicon material of your toy! If your vibrator is battery powered, take extra care around the battery housing. Never submerge electrical components in water. Also, check regularly for cracks. If the toy is damaged, simply replace it! With all the different materials and design styles, you may want to experiment with a few to see which suits you best!
Make Your Man Feel Special with Male Sex Toys
August 11, 2013

The notion and idea of sex dolls have existed for a number of years, but traditionally they have always been female sex toys. But, as sexuality and exploration of sexuality has grown through the years, the idea of male sex toys have become increasingly popular in today's culture. Men are always looking for new and fun ways to enjoy themselves while alone, and it beats the traditional masturbation techniques that have gone on through the years. In addition, traditional and gay couples are introducing male sex toys in the bedroom to give men more ways to orgasm and enjoy the sexual experience.

For men, the world of sex toys for him has never been more active. male adult toys are growing faster and faster than ever, and the choices for men to explore themselves sexually has blasted off. From anal toys, bondage sex toys, cock rings, penis pumps & enlargers, and others now give men numerous ways to grow sexually. Male sex toys give the average man a new way to enjoy their bodies, and to grow with their loved one.

Cock Rings

For men, the concept of men’s toys has always been for gay men. That is 100% not true anymore; since they can be used for straight men either alone or with a female loved one. They allow the male to explore their body, Men can look at toys like anal toys that let them explore their anuses, cock rings that help them maintain erections, lotions that let them maintain their erections, and other male toys developed by men to help grow sexually.

Men can use Male adult toys either alone or with their partner, and that is a very important thing to remember. Many men purchase anal toys that are made to help explore their anuses, and stimulate their prostates. Other times, men are purchasing Fleshlight sex toys, which are custom made from a porn star's pussy and ass. These Fleshlight masturbators have sold in the millions and have huge followings in their popularity. Other times, men are purchasing pocket pussies to fuck while alone, a portable pussy that they can travel with while in a hotel on business, or cock rings that give them longer lasting erections with a partner. Sex toys for men are a huge and growing market, the numbers of toys are growing and growing, and that is a great thing for male sexuality as a whole.


The idea of a man just simply masturbating alone is now a cliché, and now they can get sex toys that are made for men, often times by men. They are not just for women anymore, and they help grow the sexuality comfort for men around the globe. No longer, are men handicapped with their choices for sexuality toys, and now have a number of choices available for them. If you want to buy your man a fun gift, then a male sex toy should be at the top of your shopping list. Be sure to visit our selection of male sex toys today.
Sale Sex Toys Full of Surprises
July 01, 2013

Anastasia's Rabbit Vibrator Pink

From the seriously sexy and sublime to erotic toys bought for just a bit of fun there’s a sex toy on sale right now that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Maybe this is your first time buying an adult toy or maybe you’ve heard of the very latest new fad and it’s got you all of a fluster and thinking you might like to try it out – but at the right price!

And that’s where the difference between cheap sex toys and premier sex toys at sale price really does mean low prices and superior quality NOT over-priced and shoddily made.

From top of the range male masturbation toys to the wildest and most prolonged vaginal orgasms you could ever imagine with deluxe female sex toys – checking out the sale section of an adult toy site can not only save your hard earned dollars – but open up a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

 Classix Duo Tone Ben Wa Balls Purple

And importantly sex toy sales doesn’t always mean end of line items or indeed products that have not proved popular – in fact far from it. Many of today’s huge sex toy manufacturers release their brand new adult toys at introductory prices – meaning you save an absolute fortune on the very latest sex toys so it’s always a good idea to get on an erotic toys site mailing list so you never miss the bargains!

 Vibrating Cock Ring Red

And of course it goes without saying that if you are dipping your toe into the wonderful and varied world of sex toys you might not want to splash the cash too soon. I mean just imagine spending a fortune on say an introduction to bondage only to have your partner running for the hills!!!

The same can be said for any other sex toys that might have caught your eye. As I said at the start the label ‘cheap sex toys’ does not necessarily mean ‘poor quality’ and finding a great sex toy at a knock down price can leave both your bank balance and indeed sex life a lot healthier than it was when you began!

Check Out Some of Sale Sex Toys here on Discreet Romance
Anal Sex Toys-Just the Facts Part 2
June 02, 2013

Horny Honey Pleasure Anal Beads

OK let’s get to the bottom of using anal sex toys during your love making sessions shall we.

I’m sure like many people whether you’re a man or a woman – gay or straight - at some point during your sexual encounters you’ve felt that delicious shiver of anticipation as a finger – tongue or cock has brushed against, or probed your butt. However you’ve tensed – fought against the waves of intense pleasure rushing through your body - and held back.

Anal sex can be scary – but once you’ve tried it trust me your orgasms - as amazing as they are now – will increase at least four-fold leaving you a glowing – satisfied - quivering - spent wreck such is their intensity – now that has to be a good thing right!

Anal toys are a simple – safe and an extremely satisfying introduction to anal sex and with new technology and design comes a new breed of butt sex toys that are easy to use on both men and women – designed to hit the right spot – and as I ‘ve said earlier they will increase your pleasure.

The reason anal sex is so powerful and gives such intense pleasure is down to a mix of biology and indeed psychology. We all know it’s the ‘unknown’ or ‘great forbidden’ and that of course heightens the pleasure – and from a biological standpoint, for men the prostate gland with the merest of touches can induce a mind blowing orgasm – whilst for the woman the correct stimuli can cause the fabled ‘G-Spot’ to go into overdrive!

Prostate Massager White

Anal toys come in all shapes and sizes – for beginners it’s probably best to start experimenting with smaller sets of anal beads – butt plugs or anal probes. And without doubt I suggest you add good quality anal lubes to the mix - not only will the lubrication make everything easier and more comfortable to slide into – the lubes of today with their various formulas even add to the pleasure.

And of course cleanliness is also an important aspect of good anal sex – you’ll increase the life of your toys by cleaning them regularly – but more importantly a visit to the bathroom before anal sex will decrease the chance of nasty little surprises – if you catch my drift!

Anal sex and the use of good quality butt sex toys is an amazing experience that will instil greater trust between you and your partner and of course lead to a fuller more satisfying sex life.

Browse through our site and checkout the wide variety of anal toys and specialized anal lubes we have for sale and start the path to a better love life.

And it goes without saying you’ll enjoy not only our toys – but our incredible prices and our orders are delivered swiftly and of course packaged discreetly.

My 1st Anal Explorer Kit Pink

Anal Sex Toys-Just the Facts
April 25, 2013

vibrating butt plug

Real men take it up the ass – there I’ve said it and I’m pretty sure most of the men reading this are now shifting uncomfortably in their seats. Whilst no doubt more than a few are nodding sagely with a wistful smile on their faces.
The simple fact of the matter is like it or lump it a zillion gay guys can’t be wrong now can they? I mean what’s in it for the guy on the receiving end of a cock or anal sex toy up the poop chute? Have you ever wondered that?
OK let’s get a little biological here. The butt is one of the most highly sensitive erogenous zones on the body – that’s for both men and women – and butt toys hit the spot perfectly.

And for the uneducated – that means touching the right point on a man can send the most amazing sexual sensations to the brain resulting in probably the most intense love making of your life – now as a real man that’s what you’re looking for right?

anal probe

And hold it right there – enjoying anal sex as a straight guy doesn’t mean that overnight you’ll start wearing lilac shirts and begin cooing over soft furnishing catalogues. Far from it – what it will do is intensify your sex life and – and I have no doubt it will give your female sexual partner the thrill of her life. Trust me guys it doesn’t build sexual trust any better than letting her loose with anal sex toys!

There are millions of butt toys out there and most can be used to pleasure both the man and the woman. A serious point to make here is that cleanliness is important when it comes to anal sex – I mean the last thing she’ll want to see on the length of her new anal beads is say a baked bean skin lol. So make sure you hit the bathroom first and clean well. And of course buying specialized anal lube will make the whole thing a lot more pleasurable especially for the first time.

This is the 21st century and nowadays sexual taboos are a thing of the past with more and more straight couples not only experimenting with anal sex – but they’re buying butt sex toys in their millions. So maybe it’s time you joined the anal sexual revolution and let her get on top for a change – it could be the most erotic thing you’ve ever done.

anal butt plug

Broaden Your Horizons Today and Try an Anal Sex Toy!
The Pleasure of Using a Cock Ring
March 29, 2013

So you think cock rings are just for homosexuals and old guys who can’t get it up do you..? Well think again – the use of a cock ring goes back thousands of years and has been used by straight – gay and bi studs to not only giver a longer stronger - harder erection – but to also enhance the male orgasm. Trust me guys intercourse whilst wearing one will blow your minds!

What Type Should I Buy..?
Cockrings or penis rings as some folk call them - come in all shapes and sizes with the most popular being the stretch to fit, the lasso, metal and some that actually add even more pleasure by gently vibrating.

Why Buy One..?
As I mentioned earlier – more straight guys than you could imagine use a cock ring, not only to enjoy the awesome sensation of rock hard erections, but because of the extra pleasure it gives their partner. So it’s great to choose the perfect penis ring with the help of your lover. Not only is it good old fashioned sexy fun shopping for sex toys – it also builds up trust – and that can only lead to better sex!

What Are They Made Of..?
The very earliest were made over 2000 years ago using goats eyelids (seriously) but thankfully things have got a lot more hi-tech these days and are now made from completely safe materials. However try to avoid those which contain Phthalate – not only are they shoddily made - but many men are allergic to them and the last thing you want is an infected penis!

How Do I use One..?
I think they’re pretty straightforward to use lol – but if in doubt then all you need to do is simply slip the penis ring over your erect or semi-erect penis and let if fit snugly at the base. The use of a good quality water based lube to both help slip it on – and add a bit of lubrication is totally up to you. And to prolong the life of your penis enhancer it’s best to wash and let it air dry immediately after use. But guys do remember to give your partner a hug and cuddle before you jump out of bed and clean off your new sex toy – they like that kind of thing!

To Buy or Not to Buy a Cock Enhancer
Now you know a little bit more about the legendary penis enhancer should you buy one..? I say why not. It goes without saying all men whether they are gay – straight or bisexual know how good a huge throbbing rock hard penis feels. And why shouldn’t your partner know the pleasure of a rock hard cock!!!

Forget about all those pills and potions that contain God knows what and do pretty much nothing to enhance your erection. These awesome but simple sex toys are 100% safe and absolutely guaranteed to give you both total and absolute pleasure.

Now Go Choose The Perfect Cock Ring and Enjoy the Best Hard on of Your Life!

Green Sex Toys Your Path to Organic Orgasms
February 27, 2013

Did you know that helping to save the planet can be fun? You don’t have to climb trees in protest or march on the Capital waving banners. There is no need to pelt politicians with rotten eggs (unless, of course, you really want to) and no need to chain yourself to any railings. All you have to do is have sex!

Green Sex toysThat’s right; read that last bit again to make sure it really does say “All you have to do is have sex!”

I tell you what – that is my kind of protest; but it’s not really a protest at all, it is just a case of putting a little thought into your next sex toy purchases. Look out for Eco-Friendly Sex Toys and play your part in protecting the planet whilst providing perfectly pleasurable palpitations for your partner.

“Green Sex Toys?” I hear you ask incredulously. Is there such a thing? Well of course there is. You may already use one without realizing it. In fact any sex toy that you are able to use over and over again is good for the planet (and obviously good for you too if you are constantly getting it out and having a go with it). When you bring rechargeable sex toys into the equation, the benefits to the planet really start to stack up, not to mention the fact that you can save a pretty penny into the bargain.

So where do you start looking for Green Sex Toys? Don’t panic – they are all around you (well, not literally, but there are plenty of options to choose from). You could look for rechargeable sex toys, which have an immediate and obvious advantage. Then there are Eco-Friendly Sex Toys that are bio-degradable and also Green Sex Toys that are manufactured in an eco-conscious way.

Mia has a range of sensually superb rechargeable sex toys such as the Tenacious Bunny (mmmm a vibrator with attitude!), the SaSi and the Mia. Apart from being exquisite pleasure pulsators, these beauties actually recharge via the USB port of your computer – how’s that for computer age sex? The Tenacious Bunny really lives up to its name with a wicked rotating shaft and naughty little bunny ears to really go to work on the clitoris.

Wood is a bio-degradable substance that you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with sex toys (don’t worry, there’s no chance of getting splinters from these beautifully crafted dildos), but Nob Essence has put this natural material to good use with a range of Organic Sex Toys. Furthermore, Nob Essence’s wooden sex toys not only feel good, but they also look good. The wooden sex toys are completely sealed and are fully washable. If the thought of wood does it for you, take a look at Nob Essence’s excellent Anal Toy Single, Turned G-Spot and Smooth S-Shape wooden dildos. Of course, when you buy a sex toy it also comes with a lot of packaging, so make sure that this is bio-degradable in order to do your bit in the fight or the planet.

You can tap into your eco-consciousness next time you buy a sex toy by checking that they are phthalate free, non-porous, hypo allergenic and can be sterilized. All these factors give a sex toy longevity which means not only will you be getting good value for money, but you’ll also be keeping it out of the land fill for a lot longer. Tantus are a leading manufacturer of Eco-consciously manufactured sex toys such as the Small Silk and Ripple Probe dildos.
With all of these excellent ways to contribute towards your planet’s well-being whilst enjoying the most basic of pleasures, there is no reason why you can’t just lay back and take advantage of a multitude of organic orgasms.

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